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Or so a story goes. Once upon a time I started writing. And I was terrible at it. 

So I found a mentor, and had an audience of ZERO. It’s a humbling experience starting out new and thinking when you hit “post” your writing will impact a generation and go viral, only to see that your parents or friends read the story out of pity. But rejection, fear, adversity, and perseverance pay off. Discipline becomes the defining fire by which talent becomes ability. 

Those topics (and many others) are what I began to write about. Years later, I grew an audience and authored some viral blogs. Then my writing got picked up by Thought Catalog, Daily Mail Online, Fatherly, The Good Men Project, SOFREP and numerous other publications. As I wrote more on the platform I love,, I got named a Top Writer in the topics of Life, Life Lessons, Fiction, Love, and Short Stories.

Then something really crazy happened.

One of my articles became one of the Top 10 blogs of 2016, beating out 7.5 million other articles. It’s a weird feeling. Humbling still, and I almost feel like I somehow faked it. These were stories in my head I put down on paper.

So I started writing a book to help an underserved group of people struggling with self-harm.




is the book I authored. Currently, it’s picking up steam on Amazon and helping a lot of people. I’m proud of the book, but to be honest, I really, really love fantasy and science fiction.

So that’s what I’m working on now.

A fantasy trilogy. Featuring magic, elves, and your basic nerdom. It’s yet untitled and still has a lot of plot holes, but I love writing it.

And I still love writing on where you can find almost weekly articles.

I guess this is the part where I say “The End?” Or maybe even check out my work?

I’ll leave that up to you.


*I’m also available for freelance writing and can direct you to paid articles I’ve written should you need reference.